The intelligent and smart integration platform
for connecting your enterprise applications
Integration made easy
The flexible integration platform
to extend your enterprise applications
No code
The smart integration platform
that connects your enterprise applications
On your cloud platform of choice

Integration Made Easy

100-salesforce 100% Cloud

simple Simple

real-time Real-time

connectors Connectors

100-secure 100% Secure

extensible Extensible

actionHub gives you all the benefits of flexible integration without the hassle, expense, and complexity of custom code.
Your data never leaves the world’s most reliable and secure cloud. You can stand up a reliable integration in days.
It’s integration made easy. No coding. Delivered on your chosen cloud platform.


An Innovative Solution
to a Common Problem

Over the years, customers kept coming to us with the same pain points around integration. We learned that 90% of the time, successful integration is about getting two systems to talk and doing some basic mapping or translation of the data so things line up on both sides. We designed actionHub to make it easy to do that with minimal effort and complexity. It’s integration made easy. No code. On your cloud platform of choice.


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