actionHub: Integration Made Easy

  • actionHub is the intelligent integration solution for connecting your enterprise applications, delivered on your cloud platform of choice.
  • actionHub makes it easy to automatically move data between applications in real time so that the right information is in the right tool at the right time.
  • actionHub’s pre-built connectors can quickly integrate leading enterprise applications, and its standard REST adapter can be configured to integrate with most systems without a special connector.
  • Using actionHub’s modern intuitive user interface, integrations can be configured to meet every business and technical need by establishing simple integration rules to define conditions (when to send data), actions (what to do with that data), target (where to send), and mappings (what to send).
  • Once rules are defined, actionHub takes care of everything else. And when needs change, rules can be easily configured with a click of a button. It’s integration made easy!


Getting around in actionHub is easy. All configuration activity is performed on a few simple pages and they are all available from a simple dropdown menu on the actionHub tab.


actionHub enables you to establish simple integration rules. Each rule defines conditions (when to send data) and actions (what to do with that data). Each action defines a target (where to send) and mappings (what to send). When mapping data which may not be an exact match, actionHub provides tools to perform basic transformation.

Once you define the rules, actionHub takes care of everything else so you can spend your time doing the work you love.

The Rule Explorer is a quick way to see the rules configured in your system. From here you can click a rule to open the Rule Editor, use the switch to quickly turn it on/off, or print rule(s) for future reference.


Connections represent the endpoints for your integrations. Each rule will have a specific source connection and each action in a rule will have a specific target connection.

When you first install actionHub, it comes with the “Salesforce” connection which provides access to all the objects in your org – including custom objects and objects from AppExchange apps! You can easily add other connections as needed.


Built-in functions provide the most commonly used functions for data manipulation. You will find these in the Expression Builder when you are configuring your rules:

  • String Functions: Trim, Left, Left Pad, Right Pad, Replace, Right, SubStr, SubString, Index Of, Mid, Upper Case, Lower Case, Reverse, Length
  • Encoding Functions: URL Encode, JSON Encode, HTML Encode
  • Data Functions: SOQL Query

Custom Classes

We designed actionHub to make it easy for you to stand up an integration, but we understand that sometimes things may not be so simple. Rather than load up actionHub with all the bells and whistles you might ever need, we included the tools you need to get the job done 90% of the time.

If you find yourself in one of those 10% situations, don’t panic. We know you don’t want to ship your data out of the trusted Salesforce platform and off into one of those bloated middleware platforms. There’s no need to spend the next 6 months figuring out some new platform when you can just use your existing Salesforce skills and our extensible Class registration.

Pre-Built Connectors

actionHub includes a host of pre-built connectors to accelerate your integration project. Whether it’s establishing eBonding capabilities, enhancing your Salesforce investment by integrating with backend systems, or extending the leverage of your AppExchange apps, actionHub’s “out of the box” connectors get your integration project “out of the gate” quickly, without writing new code or struggling with bloated middleware.

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