actionHub: Integration Made Easy

  • actionHub makes it easy to automatically move data between applications in real time so that the right information is in the right tool at the right time.
  • actionHub can quickly integrate leading enterprise applications, and our standard REST adapter can be configured to integrate with most systems without a special connector.
  • Using actionHub’s intuitive user interface, integrations can be configured to meet every business and technical need by establishing simple integration rules to define conditions, actions, targets, and mappings.
  • Once you define your micro apps, actionHub takes care of everything else. As your needs change, you can easily configure micro apps with a click of a button.

Visual Workflow

Configure complex workflows across your entire enterprise with actionHub’s web-based “drag and drop” workflow app builder. actionHub’s pre-defined flow for configuration provides an intuitive process for building your integration logic.

App Package Library

Get up and running fast and without guesswork with actionHub’s repository of actions and templated micro apps for common integration and automation use cases.


Allow users to interact with your integrations via the actionHub portal to build forms and charts that work with your micro apps

Multiple Event Sources

Run integrations based on real-time events, scheduled timers, email, and on-demand for testing your workflows.


Protect and keep your configuration secrets secure (e.g., passwords, client secrets, etc.) with actionHub’s Encryption at Rest and Envelope Encryption capabilities.

Messaging Queues

Get peace of mind with our message queuing for guaranteed delivery and processing. Also includes built-in support for action retries.

Integration Health and Reliability Issues

Take control of your workflow with dashboards and alert monitoring for failure events.

Hybrid Cloud Deployments

actionHub supports hybrid deployments. Have it your way, on your cloud or ours.

Pipeline API

Create your own pipeline actions with our rich Pipeline API. actionHub has easy to develop asynchronous processing blocks for maximum throughput.

Rest API

Manage your actionHub functionality and automate your configurations with our robust REST API.

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