The intelligent integration solution that connects your enterprise applications on your chosen cloud platform

 We created actionHub so you could have all the benefits of flexible integration without the hassle, expense, and complexity of custom code. We designed actionHub so that you could fully leverage your cloud platform and keep your data secure and reliable. With actionHub, you can stand up a reliable and elegant integration in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks. It’s that simple.

Flexible Integration Without the Hassle

100-salesforce 100% Cloud
Built so you can leverage your chosen cloud platform and existing technical skills and resources. No on-premises software and infrastructure to support and maintain.

simple Simple
Integrations are configured using the simple rule builder, which provides drop-down lists of objects and fields for most systems and simple mapping and transformation tools. No custom code, scripting, or specialized training is required to create or manage integrations.

connectors Connectors
Accelerate your integration project via a host of pre-built connectors. Out-of-the-box connectors include integrations for enterprise applications such as Service Cloud, Remedyforce, Jira, Splunk, Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, ServiceNow and more.

real-time Real-time
Build a competitive advantage by replacing old-school nightly batch feeds or manual work with real-time integration. Connect different business teams that use different apps but share processes, implement eBonding to hold vendors/service providers more accountable, or improve customer satisfaction with faster shipments by connecting sales with ERP or procurement.

100-secure 100% Secure
With actionHub, your data remains on your chosen cloud platform except when being it is transmitted securely to/from your other enterprise systems as configured.

extensible Extensible
In the event that an external system is unavailable for some reason, rules may be configured to automatically queue and retry integration events when the system is online again. Additionally, a flexible REST adapter will connect with a wide variety of systems and there is an SDK available if you need the flexibility to build your own functions or adapters for homegrown systems.

No code. Delivered on your chosen cloud platform. Integration made easy.

The Age-Old Integration Challenge

In recent years, we noticed that customers kept coming to us with the same pain points around integration. Despite the different integration options available, they were not able to respond quickly to changing business needs. Here’s why.

  • Custom integration solutions are expensive, time-consuming to support, and often lack basic error recovery features. Even simple modifications require a lot of time and money.
  • Fancy middleware platforms designed to do everything for everyone are not delivering on the promise to make this easier. They have proprietary scripting languages and so many bells and whistles that specialized training or resources are needed.
  • Organizations without big budgets are either out of luck or stuck with a “one size fits all” integration. Often marketed as “recipes” or things that snap, zip, or pop together, the firms selling them are peddling hundreds of integrations right out of the box. In reality, they are cookie-cutter solutions which lack the flexibility to do the job right. In the real world, businesses are unique and so are their integrations.

90% of the time, successful integration is about getting two systems to talk and doing some basic mapping or translation of the data so things line up on both sides. We designed actionHub to make it easy to do that with minimal effort and complexity. Integration made easy. No code. Delivered on your chosen cloud platform.

Integrate your enterprise apps easily.
With no code. On your chosen cloud platform.

  • actionHub is an integration solution designed to deliver complex cloud-to-cloud or cloud-to-ground integrations deliver via your chosen cloud platform. It makes it easy to automatically move data between applications in real time. By eliminating redundant manual data entry, actionHub orchestrates data movement so your people have the right information in the right tool at the right time.
  • actionHub enables seamless integration for cloud-centric and hybrid enterprise application environments. actionHub’s pre-built connectors quickly integrate leading enterprise applications. You can use our standard REST adapter to integrate with most systems without a special connector. Most importantly, the integrations can be configured for your unique business needs.
  • actionHub enables you to establish simple integration rules. Each rule defines conditions (when to send data) and actions (what to do with that data). Each action defines a target (where to send) and mappings (what to send). When mapping data which may not be an exact match, actionHub provides tools to perform basic transformation.
  • Once you define the rules, actionHub takes care of everything else so you can spend your time doing the work you love.

Pre-Built Connectors

actionHub includes a host of pre-built connectors to accelerate your integration project. Whether it’s establishing eBonding capabilities, enhancing your cloud investment by integrating with back-end systems, or extending the viability of your application environment, actionHub’s “out of the box” connectors get your integration project “out of the gate” quickly, without writing new code or struggling with unwanted complexity.

Business Value

Effective, affordable integration means better communication and collaboration between business teams, lower operational costs, and better results for your employees and your customers. With actionHub, you can:

  • Eliminate manual data entry and costly errors
  • Improve communication between teams using different applications
  • Integrate with customer solutions to improve customer experience
  • Reduce operational cost
  • Build a competitive advantage by replacing old-school nightly batch feeds or manual work with real-time integration
  • Strengthen partner relationships and accountability with eBonding

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